How to Prepare Your Business for Fire Season

California is no stranger to wildfires. In 2021 alone, more than 2.5 million acres and 3.6 thousand structures succumbed to wildfire in California. 2020 was even worse— with more than 4.3 million acres burned and 11.1 thousand structures destroyed. If you operate a brick-and-mortar business or manage a commercial property in California, it’s critical you […]

4 Warning Signs Your Premises Are Due For Electrical Maintenance

Are your premises overdue for electrical maintenance? When did you last check your electrical equipment and wiring? Systems that are out of sight are often out of mind. Arch flashes or equipment that is faulty, meltdown, or fails to function can turn into serious safety issues. Similar to the yearly service checks of your car, […]

5 Benefits of Installing an Office Water Filtration System

We’ve all seen the stainless steel water fountains scattered throughout airports, gyms, schools, and other high-traffic areas— but have you considered installing a water filtration system in your commercial office space? What is a water filtration system? Before you install a water filtration system at your commercial facility, it’s essential to first understand the purpose […]

Employee Spotlight: Nathan Curnow

Spotlight on Nathan Congratulations to Nathan Curnow, journeyman electrician, for earning the May 2022 Employee Spotlight. Scott Welch, electrical superintendent, says, “I would have to say that Nathan has been a great team player when it comes to attitude and bringing the crew together!! It brings a teamwork attitude to work each day and has […]

How To Identify and Prevent Heat Illness at Your Construction Site

At Mark III, we care for the health and wellbeing of our teammates and those on our job sites and we understand the importance of property safety and knowledge. Our Heat Illness Prevention Plan outlines how to prevent and treat heat-related illnesses when we face heatwaves.   What are heat-related illnesses? Heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and […]

5 Warning Signs It Is Time To Call Your Plumbing Contractor

Leaking faucets, gurgling toilets, or water pooling in sinks may be small issues at first and can be easily overlooked. Especially in a commercial office environment where kitchens and bathrooms are used by many employees who may not feel responsible to look after these common areas. Neglecting a leaking tap or slow drainage in a […]

Employee Spotlight: Daniel Dhanota

Spotlight on Daniel Congratulations to Daniel Dhanota, Electrical Estimator, for earning the April 2022 Employee Spotlight. Dustin Dressler, Electrical Estimating Manager, says, “It is a privilege to work with Daniel, his energy and willingness to help is unscalable. Daniel’s constant willingness to learn and understand the estimating process has allowed the electrical estimating department to […]

Virtual Ghost Kitchen Utilizes Mark III’s Volumetric Solution to Expedite Schedule

Sacramento is about to be home to its first-ever virtual ghost kitchen. The Line is on schedule to open this Spring, less than four months into the construction phase of the project. To achieve this aggressive opening date, Sutter Capital Group took an innovative approach to construction by opting to use a volumetric modular approach […]

WIC Week 2022: Celebrating the Women at Mark III

It’s National Women in Construction (WIC) Week! Each year, and in conjunction with International Women’s Day, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and construction companies all across the country celebrate by highlighting the successes of women. Women in construction work in a variety of roles across the industry. Historically, construction has been a […]

Employee Spotlight: Cindy Frost

Spotlight on Cindy Congratulations to Cindy Frost, Payroll Manager / HR, for earning the March 2022 Employee Spotlight.   John Cassidy, CFO, says, “Cindy has been with Mark III for almost 38 years. Cindy’s high integrity sticks out to me as she continues to stand up for what is right!  It could be through paying people […]

Employee Spotlight: Michael Frohrib

Spotlight on Michael Congratulations to Michael Frohrib, HVAC foreman, for earning the February 2022 Employee Spotlight. Jeremy Vickers, HVAC superintendent, says, “Mike recently moved into a foreman position and has been doing a great job. Mike is excellent at communication and his attention to detail is second to none. While he exhibits all the core […]

Employee Spotlight: Travis Cloyd

Spotlight on Travis Congratulations to Travis Cloyd, plumbing trainee, for earning the January 2022 Employee Spotlight. Caleb Rugg, manufacturing facility manager, says, “anyone who has met Travis likes him. Everyday he shows up with a smile on his face and ready to work hard. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help […]

Shape the Future of Construction as Mark III’s Director of Product Development: NOW HIRING

Mark III is in the process of transforming from a construction-based company to a manufacturing-based company. We have proven that real change is possible with our manufacturing processes and standardized/engineered products. Beyond implementing off-site manufacturing and on-site installation of MEP wall-panels, we are also working to standardize and optimize the way common units (such as […]

Employee Spotlight: Josh Mueller

Spotlight on Josh Congratulations to Josh Mueller, electrical trainee, for earning the December 2021 Employee Spotlight. Michael Warren, electrical division manager, says “Josh Mueller lives out every core value Mark III has and embraces these both in and outside of work. Every trade at Mark III and other companies he has come in contact with […]

Employee Spotlight: Shaadi Sexton

Spotlight on Shaadi Congratulations to Shaadi Sexton, electrical detailer, for earning the October 2021 Employee Spotlight. Justin Tucker, VDC division manager, says “Anyone that has had the pleasure to work with Shaadi will tell you how much of a badass he is. His dedication to teamwork and willingness to do whatever is necessary to serve […]

5 Ways To Inspire Continuous Improvement & Innovation on Projects  

Inspiring teams is a management skill that can be difficult to master, especially when you’re working with a diverse group of skill sets both in the field and off-site. A machine cannot run with just pistons, belts, or gears alone. For maximum effectiveness, an array of calibrated parts is needed. Continuous improvement goes beyond simply implementing Lean tools such […]