Monthly Archives: May 2022

5 Benefits of Installing an Office Water Filtration System

We’ve all seen the stainless steel water fountains scattered throughout airports, gyms, schools, and other high-traffic areas— but have you considered installing a water filtration system in your commercial office space? What is a water filtration system? Before you install a water filtration system at your commercial facility, it’s essential to first understand the purpose […]

Employee Spotlight: Nathan Curnow

Spotlight on Nathan Congratulations to Nathan Curnow, journeyman electrician, for earning the May 2022 Employee Spotlight. Scott Welch, electrical superintendent, says, “I would have to say that Nathan has been a great team player when it comes to attitude and bringing the crew together!! It brings a teamwork attitude to work each day and has […]

How To Identify and Prevent Heat Illness at Your Construction Site

At Mark III, we care for the health and wellbeing of our teammates and those on our job sites and we understand the importance of proper safety and knowledge. Our Heat Illness Prevention Plan outlines how to prevent and treat heat-related illnesses when we face heatwaves.   What are heat-related illnesses? Heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and […]