Core Values

Our core values are the absolute principles that support our mission to lead the evolution of construction. They remain at the center of all our business decisions and drive our company culture.

Our Values

  1. We take commitment seriously in all areas of our work
  2. We are individually & collectively accountable for our actions
  3. We are open & honest
  4. We honor our word as individuals & as a team
  5. We are passionate about our work & how we build
  1. We identify risks to protect each other
  2. Multi-trade utility runs in our veins
  3. We prioritize team over individual
  4. Our relationships are sincere
  5. We understand that collaboration is the key to our success
  1. We share all pertinent information
  2. We value a two-way flow of communication
  3. We understand, communicate, & embrace the company direction
  4. We come to work with a problem-solving mentality
  5. We share our experiences with others
  6. We welcome fresh ideas & differing opinions
Work Hard, Play Hard
  1. We value camaraderie & take team building to the next level
  2. We compete every day
  3. We are confident in our ability to achieve success
  4. We do what we love, & we love what we do
  1. We encourage a continuous flow of ideas & result-oriented attitudes
  2. We are empowered to collaborate & generate ideas
  3. We take risks to explore new concepts that further our industry
  4. We encourage each other & persevere through failure

Core Value Awards

Core Value Awards are peer nominated and distributed by our Culture Club committee to celebrate employees who have been recognized for embodying our core values. The Culture Club hosts bimonthly events to reward nominees and nominators with a fun teambuilding event.

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