Core Values

Our Values

Our core values are the fuel that feeds the M3 engine. Each of these values complements the other to foster a culture that works together. Our values are the absolute principles that support our mission to lead the evolution of construction. They remain at the center of all our business decisions and drive our company culture.


We are individually and collectively accountable for our actions and expect honesty, openness, and transparency from our team. We take this commitment seriously in all aspects of our work and honor our word internally and externally.


Our people are the root of our success. We prioritize team over individual and understand collaboration is key to our success. This includes identifying risks to keep our team safe and opportunities to align our strengths to optimize our production.


We have a never-give-up attitude. This comes from our willingness to problem-solve and our natural tendency to always look at the glass half full. Our team is hard-wired to persist, even when we are up against challenges.

Continuous Improvement

We are fueled by the idea that there is a better way to build. Our team is committed to cultivating a culture of personal growth, collaboration, and company-wide advancement. At our core, we believe wholeheartedly that when creativity meets problem-solving, true innovation happens. While only some new ideas are successful, the knowledge gained by these efforts inspires us to continue testing the limits.


No matter what it is, from writing an email to installing equipment, we are committed to putting our whole hearts and minds into everything we do. Excellence does not mean perfection. It means a willingness to always deliver the best possible value to our team, customers, and clients.

Core Value Awards

Core Value Awards are peer nominated and distributed by our Culture Club committee to celebrate employees who have been recognized for embodying our core values. The Culture Club hosts bimonthly events to reward nominees and nominators with a fun teambuilding event.

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