Employee Spotlight: Connor Bertuccelli

Posted on November 2, 2023 •

Spotlight on Connor

Congratulations to Connor Bertuccelli, electrical BIM modeler, for earning the November 2023 Employee Spotlight.

Justin Tucker, VDC division manager, says, “Since Connor joined our team in early 2022, he has played an integral role in the evolution and development of our Electrical V-Con team. Being that he came to us with experience in both Revit and electrical, he immediately started making an impact in our electrical workflow. His dedication to Excellence is evident in his work on Project Shaver where he has generated well over a hund

red highly detailed field installation drawings. These drawings have been the roadmap that the field team has used to build the project and are one of the key elements to the project’s ongoing success!! Thank you, Connor, for all that you do!!”

Thank you for your commitment to M3, Connor!


What is your favorite M3 core value (teamwork, continuous improvement, integrity, perseverance, excellence), and how does it play a part in your everyday role & responsibilities?

My favorite core value has to be teamwork. Without teamwork, a good result cannot be achieved.

How do our core values play into your everyday role/responsibilities?

Teamwork and continuous improvement are huge in my day-to-day work/responsibilities.  A perfect example can be working together with the field on what went wrong where, what needs to be done to address the issue, and what can be improved going forward.

How has M3 helped you in your career development?

I have been lucky enough to jump-start the Electrical BIM processes and standardization. Particularly using Revit to produce installation drawings for the field as well as BIM Coordination.

What is your proudest moment at M3

Visiting Project Shaver and seeing what was designed from the Revit model come to life. Going from a computer screen to seeing the final product never ceases to amaze me.

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