Case Study: Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento Undergoes Gas-to-Electric Conversion

Posted on July 31, 2023 •

M3 Service & SMUD Partner to Significantly Reduce Carbon-Emissions for a Customer

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) holds the most ambitious environmental goal of any large utility in the United States— their Zero Carbon Plan sets to eliminate 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

As part of their environmental action plan, SMUD is encouraging local businesses to upgrade carbon-emitting equipment with newer, more advanced, cleaner electrical alternatives through their Go Electric program. The Go Electric program aims to deliver gas-to-electric conversions for dated building systems with incentives and rebates to help local businesses attain more efficient energy solutions. Learn more about the Go Electric program here.

M3 Service is proud to support SMUD’s clean-energy vision by upgrading their customer’s building systems. We recently teamed up to improve Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento (CRH)’s campus, enabling an estimated 3,700 tons of lifetime carbon savings (the equivalent of 797 cars removed from the road for one year) for the customer.

Details of the project are outlined below.

Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento Electrical Modernization Project

About the customer

The Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento (CRH) provides a spectrum of services for youth in crisis across the Sacramento region, including mental health care, on-site preschool, and residential treatment.


Creating a cleaner and healthier Sacramento is one more way CRH is investing in local youth. CRH is working with SMUD to replace all gas HVAC units with energy-efficient electric heat pumps at their Sacramento campus over the next seven years (source). Their Sacramento campus includes residential dormitory buildings, a gym, and an administrative building.

M3 Service’s role in the electrical modernization

In 2022, SMUD called on M3 Service to deliver the gas-to-electric conversion of the customer’s gymnasium HVAC unit— the most complicated HVAC unit within the entire project. The unit had been out-of-service for a year and desperately needed replacement as the gym provides important therapeutic recreation for their students.

Our specific scope of work is outlined below:

  • Removed an existing 15-ton split system and replaced it with a 15-ton split system heat pump
  • Disposed of the removed unit
  • Reconnected to the existing ductwork
  • Shut off & capped the gas piping serving the removed unit
  • Installed necessary disconnects, fuses, breakers, conduit, & wiring
  • Installed programmable thermostats for unit control
  • Removed & reconnected condensate for each unit using type M copper, providing required pipe & system supports
  • Arranged for a crane
  • Conducted the start-up of the newly installed HVAC equipment
  • Obtained permits

Shoutout to our team, who worked diligently to support SMUD in eliminating carbon emissions from their power supply:

HVAC team

  • Robert Thomas
  • Jason Taylor
  • Sean Videl

Electrical Team

  • Anthony Bray
  • Ethan Haught
  • Paul McPherson

M3 Service & SMUD are Building a Carbon-Neutral Future

According to SMUD, California’s buildings represent about 25% of the state’s total greenhouse gas emissions. The single project represented in this case study saved 56,733.16 kWh of power alone, the equivalent to permanently removing 9 gas-emitting vehicles from the planet.

We are proud to have supported SMUD on their journey to eliminate 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions through multiple projects already, and we look forward to future partnerships with the forward-thinking company.

Learn more about the CRH project.

How Can Your Company Play a Role in Reaching Carbon Neutrality?

You, too, can help achieve a more sustainable future for our planet with a gas-to-electric conversion at your commercial facility. Reach out to a M3 Service technician today to schedule a consultation.


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