Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Commercial Services for Commercial Businesses

Posted on June 18, 2024 •

When it comes to maintaining the systems that keep their commercial building running smoothly, business owners have two options: They can hire a maintenance employee as part of their internal staff or they can outsource to a professional commercial services provider. 

Maintaining a commercial property in-house can be overwhelming for many business owners, from handling unexpected repairs to staying compliant with ever-changing regulations. While adding these extra responsibilities can divert time and resources away from core business activities, there are also benefits to handling facility maintenance tasks internally.

Below, we will explore the pros and cons of outsourcing commercial services for your commercial business. 


What types of services can be outsourced?


Before you decide which option works better for your commercial facility, first consider some tasks that a building maintenance technician is commonly responsible for:

  • HVAC maintenance & repairs
  • Plumbing leaks & clogs
  • Electrical system upkeep & repairs
  • Janitorial & cleaning services
  • Pest control
  • Security services
  • Landscaping & groundskeeping
  • Handing miscellaneous staff work order requests
  • Installing new building systems


Cons of Outsourcing Commercial Services for Your Commercial Business


While outsourcing commercial service tasks offers numerous benefits, it’s also important to explore the drawbacks as well.


Dependency on external provider’s timelines

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of outsourcing commercial maintenance needs is that the project timeline is in the hands of the external provider. Seasonality and other environmental factors could affect demand, causing potential service delays.



Depending on the type of business and task at hand, outsourcing could result in the need to share sensitive information with a service provider.


Communication delays

Outsourcing means relying on digital communication tools like phone calls or emails, which can create potential delays, especially outside of business operating hours. Luckily, some service providers— like M3 Service—  offer 24/7 support so that businesses can receive emergency service at any time of day.


Pros of Outsourcing Commercial Services for Your Commercial Business


Despite the potential drawbacks, the advantages of outsourcing often outweigh the cons. 


Cost savings

By hiring an external professional, businesses can avoid the high expenses associated with recruiting, training, and retaining in-house maintenance staff. Additionally, some maintenance providers— like M3 Service— offer incentive support, helping businesses attain rebates for forward-thinking projects like gas-to-electric HVAC conversions or EV charging installation.

See our recent guide to California’s EV rebates here.


Access to expertise

Outsourcing allows businesses to tap into the specialized knowledge and skills of experienced professionals who are likely well-versed in the latest industry standards, best practices, technologies, and tools.


Time back in the owner’s schedule

It’s no secret that business owners have a lot on their plate. By outsourcing maintenance tasks, business owners can free up time to focus on their core initiatives. 


Safety/regulation compliance

Professional maintenance providers should be knowledgeable about industry regulations and safety standards. By outsourcing facility maintenance needs, businesses can ensure compliance with these requirements, reducing the risk of legal issues, fines, and workplace accidents.


Increased efficiency 

Hiring a company whose main wheelhouse is building maintenance often equates to the most efficient and effective service with faster installation times, improved project quality, and more innovative solutions.


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