Employee Spotlight: Tommy Sheffield

Posted on June 8, 2022 •

Spotlight on Tommy

Congratulations to Tommy Sheffield, underground field engineer, for earning the June 2022 Employee Spotlight.

Gabe Deurloo, underground division manager, says, “Tommy’s just one of those guys everyone enjoys working with. He didn’t come in with a ton of experience, yet his drive and character allowed him to make an immediate contribution to our team and to one of Mark III’s projects in Quad Loop. You’ll never hear him complain, he’s always there to help anyone, and he works his ass off every day. The quintessential team player and example of work hard play hard. Thank you, Tom”.

Thank you for your commitment to Mark III, Tommy!


What is your favorite Mark III core value (teamwork, innovation, integrity, work-hard-play-hard, transparency) and how does it play a part in your everyday role & responsibilities?

My favorite core value is teamwork. Teamwork makes the dream work (excuse my corniness of that statement, but it’s true). If you take away even a single role in one of our teams, the foundation could crumble. Everyone brings something to the table.

How do our core values play into your everyday role & responsibilities?

Our core values play into my everyday role by taking ownership in my responsibilities. Being a team player to make sure everyone has what they need to get the task at hand done. Working hard (and safe) to ensure that we all make it back to our families at night. Being transparent with the team to guarantee that we’re all on the same page.

How has Mark III helped you in your career development?

Mark III has given me the opportunity to work directly with field employees while also getting to work hand and hand with office staff. In the role of Underground Field Engineer, I get an insight on what it takes for a job to run smooth and efficiently.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work, some of my favorite things to do are downhill MTB, fishing, hiking, trail running, skateboarding, and working out.

What is your favorite movie and music?

Favorite books: Scar Tissue, Can’t Hurt Me, and Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Favorite movies: The Departed, Gladiator, and The Perfect Storm.

Favorite bands: Greta Van Fleet, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Lumineers.

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