UC Davis – Hutchison-Quad Hot Water Conversion

Location: Davis, CA

Client: UC Davis Design & Construction Management

Trades: Mechanical, Electrical, Underground Utilities

Contract Value: $38.5  million


The largest project in Mark III’s history, this multi-phase UC Davis Hutchison-Quad Hot Water Conversion project totals over $36.5 million. Broken down into two major portions, Hot Water Quad Loop & Hutchison Conversion Campus Heat Exchanger and Distribution Piping and Hot Water Quad Loop and Hutchison Conversion Building Conversion, the project will support the university’s mission to decrease campus reliance on natural gas and move the university closer to becoming carbon neutral by 2025. In order to support this mission, the university is converting their building heating system from one that utilizes steam heat generated by natural gas and has an estimated energy loss of 30%, to a heating system that uses hot water generated by electricity – a renewable source. The new system will require additional capacity in the next 5 years. The project will be LEED gold certified.

Hot Water Quad Loop & Hutchison Conversion Campus Heat Exchanger and Distribution Piping – $26.6  million

The electrical scope includes the installation of new medium voltage primary and secondary power feeds connected to active UC Davis utilities at (2) new mechanical yards on campus. This includes new switchgear, transformers, power conduit and wiring, PLC controls conduit and wiring, lighting, and integration with campus utility metering for (3) mechanical heat exchanger skids.

The mechanical scope includes refurbishing (3) existing skids – (2) at the central plant and (1) at the Enology building. The central plant includes (6) heat exchangers, (2) refurbished skids and all associated piping. The Enology building includes (2) heat exchangers, (1) refurbished skid and all associated piping. Mark III’s MEP Manufacturing Facility fabricated the structural supports and refurbished the existing skids, which includes new piping, pumps, motors, expansion tanks and heat exchangers.

The underground scope includes the 4-mile replacement of 50+ year old underground pipe.

Hot Water Quad Loop and Hutchison Building Conversion – $11.9  million

The scope for this design-build portion of the project includes removing the old heat exchangers and piping for heating the buildings.


Source: DCM (Design and Construction Management) Capital Project Report

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