Strategic Vendor & Supplier Partnerships Make 4 Month Project Schedule Possible

Posted on March 4, 2021 •

When a customer has an aggressive schedule, it’s time to collaborate! At Mark III, it is one of our biggest priorities to maintain strategy and efficiency in our vendor and supplier partnerships.

Vendor & Supplier Partnerships Project

To meet the project deadline, seamless coordination and collaboration were required for success. In conjunction with the project’s structural engineer, Nichols, Melburg & Rossetto Architects + Engineers, and the project’s mechanical engineer, Turley & Associates, Mark III worked strategically with equipment supplier Air Treatment Co. to ensure the cooling towers were built, delivered, and safely installed to meet the owners project requirements.

BAC, Crane, Equipment, Air Treatment Co

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) needed to replace (4) rooftop cooling towers within a four-month schedule. As a functioning hospital, it was imperative that the facility was still able to run. Due to the unique requirements and demands of the hospital, the facility needed to remain open during construction. For that to be possible, the project was strategically scheduled during the cooler months because the cooling towers would need to be taken offline in phases, leaving the hospital running at 50% capacity.

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Project Scope

This project includes the demolition and retrofit of multiple cooling towers for the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP), and OSPHD-1 facility. Mark III’s scope includes the replacement of (4) rooftop cooling towers set on new spring isolation platforms, all associated piping, valves, controls, and electrical in addition to the fabrication and installation of the (4) structural catwalks for each new tower. The new BAC Series 1500 towers replaced the existing BAC Series V towers and had to meet certain height and weight performance, and turndown requirements. The Series 1500 was the best solution given the challenging project constraints.


BAC Series 1500 Cooling Tower

Series 1500 Cooling Tower

The Series 1500 Cooling Tower is the best solution for applications requiring low maintenance and layout flexibility, as the single side air inlet design allows it to fit into tight spaces. It also has the lowest energy and maintenance costs. You can easily access all major components from the interior of the unit. Extreme Efficiency (XE) models further reduce the unit’s energy and operating costs.

  • Most serviceable unit for tight spaces
  • 25% lower annual maintenance costs compared to counter-flow cooling towers
  • Easy access to the cold water basin, hot water basin, and the drive system with the cross-flow design, large access doors, and an internal walkway
  • Fast inspection of the spray distribution system while the unit is in operation
  • Increased ease of access with optional factory pre-assembled external platforms and ladders

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