Rowell Building Renovations

Location: Fresno, CA

Contractor: Ardent General

Trades: Electrical, Plumbing

Contract Value: $1.5  million


Mark III was the plumbing and electrical design-build contractor for the renovation of this historic building in the heart of downtown Fresno. The Rowell Building was built in 1912 and due to its age had some inherent difficulties with bringing the facility up to current code and fire life safety levels. Mark III provided an updated electrical backbone with a new 1200 A switch gear that feeds a bus duct system (both 120/208 V & 277/480 V) and electric rooms on each floor with distribution panels for the shell portion of the building and expansion capabilities for the future tenant spaces. The shell core work included restrooms and new elevators with access to the new penthouse roof top conference room and deck. In addition, Mark III designed and installed a new plumbing system with two pressure zones within the building servicing the seven (7) floors of core restrooms along with updated sanitary sewer and rain-water leader systems.

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