Location: Sacramento, CA

Contractor: KCS West

Trades: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Contract Value: $657  K


Mark III provided design-build plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services for the Sacramento based tech company. Mark III’s scope included upgrades to the existing facility in four (4) separate areas: training tool room, DCI, KAM/custom assembly, and the fire pump room.

Training Tool Room scope included installing a new sump pump, bringing compressed air, nitrogen, and cold water into space with new trench drain and HVAC systems upgrades including adding grilles and adding/replacing duct. Fire Pump Room scope included adding a floor drain, heater and exhaust fan. KAM/Custom assembly scope includes installing a new recirculation pump and tank, bring compressed air, nitrogen and potable water into area. DCI scope includes installing new hose reels, relocating eye wash station, installing compressed air and non-potable water to future equipment lines, installing new duct, fire smoke dampers and balance dampers.

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