Location: West Sacramento, CA

Contractor: XL Construction

Trades: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Value: $157 K


M3 performed the mechanical, electrical, and piping for the design and installation of a new ammonium hydroxide dispensing system for Bayer CropScience. The electrical scope consisted of mounting new control panels, 120V power for those panels, and duplex receptacles. The HVAC scope included the install of NH3 leak detectors and control panels. M3 also provided 16-hour training service for the customer. The piping scope consisted of the furnish and install of a 55-gal drum containment pallet, an air powered diaphragm dispensing pump, stainless steel pipe run, GEMU air actuated diaphragm valve and hand wheel shut off valve. M3 also provided flushing and pressure testing for the new pipe run.

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