Employee Spotlight: Santiago Monroy

Posted on November 4, 2020 •

Spotlight on Santiago

Congratulations to Santiago Monroy, plumber trainee, for earning the November 2020 Employee Spotlight!

Scott Schmidt, plumbing superintendent, says, “Santiago has been a plumbing trainee for Mark III since 2017 and currently works out of the Fresno division. He carries a strong work ethic and is very dedicated to Mark III. Santiago consistently illustrates his commitment to our core values. He is willing to go to any job and takes great pride in his work. Santiago is always trying to better himself with knowledge and asking questions if he is unsure of something. Santiago has a great future with Mark III and I am glad he is on our TEAM.”

Thank you for your commitment to Mark III, Santiago!


What is your favorite Mark III core value (teamwork, innovation, integrity, work-hard-play-hard, transparency) and how does it play a part in your everyday role & responsibilities?

My favorite core value is teamwork. I like how all trades are able to work hand-in-hand to tackle every project. It truly makes work much easier.

How do our core values play into your everyday role & responsibilities?

Our values help me to connect with different people outside of work and be more personable. Even at home I use teamwork with my wife instead of competing so we are able to find a neutral ground.

How has Mark III helped you in your career development?

When I first started at Mark III I didn’t have a career path in mind and when I stepped in and got my feet wet I saw that the company is a perfect fit for me. They helped me to build a career and to be proud of the man I am now.

What do you do outside of work?

I like to play cards, pool, and dice with my friends and my kids. I like taking them to a MB2 Go-Karts, Dave and Busters, and the theater.

Do you have a favorite book, movie, or music genre?

I love scary movies, like The Conjuring.

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