Employee Spotlight: Luis Alvarez

Posted on March 11, 2020 •

Spotlight on Luis

Congratulations to Luis Alvarez, electrical service manager, for earning the March 2020 Employee Spotlight!

Andy Powne, service division manager, says, “Luis embodies all of Mark III’s core values. He routinely goes above and beyond for his customers and has built a loyal client base that trusts him to keep their best interests at heart. He leads by example, does his job with the utmost integrity, and always does his best to take care of his guys. He’s a tremendous asset to Mark III and an integral part of the service team. Thank you for pushing everyday to make your electrical team, and Mark III Service, successful!”

Thank you for your commitment to Mark III, Luis!


What is your favorite Mark III core value (teamwork, innovation, integrity, work-hard-play-hard, transparency), and how does it play a role in your everyday role & responsibilities?

My favorite Mark III core value is teamwork. I get the opportunity to work on a MEP service team where this core value is extremely vital to ensure that our customers are happy.

How do our core values play into your everyday role/responsibilities?

I tend to always keep our core values in mind as I work with my clients and team. For example, I keep Teamwork and Transparency in mind during every interaction with our customers. I listen to their needs and always promote the MEP services we provide to bring business for other departments. Transparency has helped me build strong and loyal customer relationships. I communicate clearly and often. I take accountability when things go wrong and proactively seek out solutions to customer needs, offering choices whenever possible. Transparency and customer service go hand-in-hand.

How has Mark III helped you in your career development?

Mark III has always provided me with opportunities to further my career. I started here as an account manager and with hard work I was promoted to be the electrical service manager.

What is your proudest moment at Mark III?

My proudest moment came when I was promoted to electrical service manager.


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