4 Ways to Encourage Innovation on Your Team

Posted on July 22, 2020 •

Technology and innovation are redefining our industry. Gone are the days where we can remain complacent in our age-old methods. At Mark III, it is our vision to Expose the World to a New Way to Build.

And we are not alone, leaders across a variety of industries are looking for ways to foster a culture of innovators and problem solvers.

Don’t know where to start? Here are four ways you can inspire and drive innovation within your organization.

1. Innovation as a Core Value

Include innovation as one of your company’s core values.

At Mark III, our core values dictate how we hire, make strategic decisions, and operate on a daily basis. Our core values are the absolute principles that support our mission to lead the evolution of construction. They remain at the center of all our business decisions and drive our company culture.

This is how we define innovation at Mark III:

    1. We encourage a continuous flow of ideas & result-oriented attitudes
    2. We are empowered to collaborate & generate ideas
    3. We take risks to explore new concepts that further our industry
    4. We encourage each other & preserver through failure

2. Engage your Team

Wondering how to identify progressive ideas and stay ahead of the rapid transformation occurring in our industry? Start with an “innovation box”. This can be as simple as a physical box for written comments or a dedicated email address, such as innovationbox@companyname.com.

Providing an outlet that permits quick and easy communication helps owners and management to acknowledge and test new ideas provided by their team. Employees who are entrenched in their own day-to-day operations often understand facets of a company in a way that owners do not. An innovation box provides a clear outlet and encourages employees to share their perspectives with the company.

3. Recognize Innovators

Recognizing and celebrating those who embody innovation in your organization is a great way to encourage others to generate and share their innovative ideas.

Our Mark III Culture Club team hosts bi-monthly events to celebrate those who are pushing limits and using our core values to support our mission to lead the evolution of construction. Team members are invited to these events upon being nominated by a team member for exhibiting one of our core values – teamwork, innovation, transparency, integrity, and work-hard play-hard. In the past, we have celebrated the nominees at local breweries or event spaces like Top Golf, Punch Bowl Social, Sac Yard Brewery, and more.

4. Celebrate Success & Share Failures

Risk taking and innovation go hand in hand. Include these anecdotes in your company newsletter or encourage your team to tell a story at your next “all hands” meeting. Change will not happen overnight, but it is up to each individual to collaborate and push the limits.

Have specific questions about implementing your own innovation initiatives? Email us!

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