3 Advantages to Working with a Multi-Trade Subcontractor

Posted on September 23, 2020 •

One Team, All Trades

Since the founding of Mark III in 1976, the company has transformed from a single-trade contractor to one of California’s leading MEP construction companies. As a multi-trade subcontractor, we believe there is a better way to build, so we approach each project looking for ways to eliminate and minimize waste while leveraging opportunities for collaboration and off-site manufacturing. From the estimating process to on-site construction our multi-trade subcontractor teams work together to ensure project success.

Here’s a closer look at our team and three reasons you should consider working with an MEP subcontractor on your next project.


Bob Amos, estimating director, leads a team of estimators who specialize in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, underground, and specialty trades. Our multi-trade estimating team works together to collaborate and ensure redundancies and scope gaps are eliminated. Internal multi-trade coordination also eliminates multiple levels of mark-up’s, such as general conditions and overhead.

Virtual Construction

Virtual construction manager, Justin Tucker, oversees design coordination, modeling, and robotic layout for Mark III’s MEP trades. Internal coordination helps to save owners time and money. On multiple occasions we’ve discovered and corrected missing electrical feeds required for mechanical equipment, identified missing wall openings on architectural drawings, and eliminated back-checks by ensuring accurate MEP plans the first time.

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Jared Burdick, vice president of construction, oversees all aspects of construction from notice of award, through project completion and final hand-off to our service department for preventative maintenance. Each sub-trade department has a qualified lead to oversee the daily operations of all project manager and project engineers:

  • Gabe Deurloo, underground division manager
  • John Able, electrical division manager
  • Ryan Fish, mechanical division manager

As a multi-trade subcontractor, we share resources that benefits all parties involved in a project. On larger multi-trade projects, it starts with assigning a project executive to be the single point of contact for the owner or owners’ representative. 

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Why MEP?

So, why work with an MEP subcontractor? We’ll give you three reasons: speed, cost savings, and accountability.

1. Speed 

By handling all trades under one roof we are able to save time and shorten the project schedule. As opposed to the outdated and traditionally compartmentalized process, Mark III offers vertically integrated solutions. Instead of focusing on mechanical or electrical drawings separately, we look at the system as a whole to determine the most efficient way to deliver each project. The moment we get a project in the door, we begin looking for ways to elevate collaboration and streamline on-site installation through the use of manufacturing.

Our virtual construction team looks for commonalities in areas where we can optimize and standardize for our manufacturing facility. Recently, we were able to standardize the in-wall piping for all of the exam room sinks at UC Davis New Campus Clinic. This standardized in-wall assembly is now a template in our library. Any time we use this sink type moving forward, this template can be reused and will not require redesign on future projects. The assembly spool sheets are reproduced and sent through our MEP manufacturing facility. This process allows us to take a more manufactured approach to construction and ultimately reduce VDC and on-site duration. 

2. Cost Savings 

Simply put, time is money. Our virtual construction team and manufacturing facility allows us to condense schedules, eliminate rework, reduce clashes in the field, and decrease wasted resources and materials. Reduction in waste impacts the bottom line and boosts cost savings.

 3. Accountability 

We minimize areas of risk and have found that the best way to do this is for Mark III to have complete ownership over the MEP trades and all major utilities. We view ownership as accountability. By providing the complete package finger-pointing and grey areas in scope are eliminated. Historically these issues are areas in the scope that plague projects and slow down production. When Mark III is awarded all trades, we take the lead role in overhead and in-wall utility coordination. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality product faster and at a fair cost.

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