Jared Burdick

Partner, Vice President of Contracts & Acquisitions


Jared Burdick is Mark III’s Vice President of Contracts and Acquisitions, overseeing contract negotiation, execution, and management. He also leads acquisition strategies, identifies potential opportunities, develops and maintains relationships with key stakeholders, and spearheads business development initiatives to expand the company’s portfolio.

Beginning his career in 1995 as a warehouse trainee, Jared brings decades of knowledge and experience to his role. Before joining Mark III, Jared spent 20 years managing projects at Lawson Mechanical, where his expertise in managing complex endeavors, including numerous OSHPD-certified projects, earned him respect and recognition.

In 2020, Jared became a partner at Mark III. He now oversees contract negotiations, manages acquisitions, and develops relationships with stakeholders to expand the company’s portfolio. Over his career, Jared has managed contracts totaling over $550 million in various industries.

Known for his leadership and mentoring skills, Jared guides and supports his team across the company. He has completed executive leadership training and is admired for his humble demeanor.

Outside of work, Jared enjoys participating in Mark III’s Bootcamp program, spending time with his children, and balancing his professional and personal life.