UC Davis Medical Center – Seismic Upgrades

Location: Sacramento, CA

Client: UC Davis Facilities Design & Construction

Trades: Mechanical, Plumbing

Value: $5.6 million

Mark III performed hospital seismic upgrades to support removal of the North/South Wing at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA. This was a multi-phase project.

Increment 3 East Wing Upgrades – $2.1  million

Mark III provided mechanical and plumbing services to reconfigure the East Wing infrastructure in preparation for the de-commissioning of the North/South Wing. The scope of work included ADA upgrades in bathrooms, rerouting plumbing and mechanical systems, and the installation of rooftop and mechanical room air handlers.

Increment 4 North/South Wing Decommissioning – $3.5  million

Mark III decommissioned the North/South Wing including severing all utilities except as required by the code. The scope of work consisted of rerouting the remaining plumbing and mechanical systems to isolate the North/South Tower infrastructure from the East Tower.

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