UC Davis Med Center – University Tower Renovations

Location: Sacramento, CA

Contractor: The Boldt Company & American River Construction

Trades: Compressed Air Lines, Plumbing, Fabrication, Hydronic Piping, Steam Piping, Virtual Construction, HVAC

Contract Value: $10.3 million

Project Completion: Under Construction


Mark III worked with Boldt and American River Construction to renovate the University Tower for UC Davis Medical Center, an OSHPD 1 certified facility. Due to the nature of medical facility operations, it was vital that all shutdowns be safe, prompt, and efficient. Mark III exceeded expectations during multiple after-hours shutdowns of the entire 8-floor tower enabling hospital staff and patients to continue with limited interruption. This project included (2) hospital seismic upgrades, renovations to the 2nd floor, and University Tower central processing unit upgrades.

University Tower Central Processing Unit Upgrades

This portion of the project included a 5,000 SF phased OSHPD remodel in the hospital basement. Phase 1 involved relocating and replacing the sterilizer equipment, workstations, and movable units in addition to work in the compressor equipment room, new lounge, staff lounge, new IDF room, and addition of rated corridors. Phase 2 involved the replacement of washing and sterilizing equipment, workstation sinks, equipment prep space, and upgrades to the staff locker and toilet room.

Hospital Seismic Upgrade Increments 3 & 4

Mark III performed a hospital seismic upgrade with mechanical and plumbing work to support removal of the North/South Wing including new rooftop and mechanical room air handlers.

2nd Floor Surgical Renovation

Mark III utilized BIM coordination to complete renovations to the University Tower 2nd Floor project including six (6) operating room surgical suites. This OSHPD-1 certified project involved HVAC, hydronic piping, steam piping, refrigerant piping, and plumbing.

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