Location: Sacramento, CA

Contractor: Fullmer Construction

Trades: Mechanical

Contract Value: $988  K


Mark III performed mechanical services to (4) office areas of an existing shell building for Michael’s Stores. These (4) spaces included the main office (11.8k SF), an inbound office (8.4k SF), an outbound office (6.6k SF), and a maintenance office (1.2k SF). Mark III also performed scope in the warehouse (896k SF) as an addition. Overall, Mark III installed (17) Lennox package units, (3) Lennox split systems, (2) Liebert split systems for the IT room, (12) Exhaust Fans, and complete duct and finish in the office areas. In the warehouse, Mark III rerouted the duct and installed an exhaust fan, a guard shack, a new split system, and a wall heater with associated EMS controls for all mechanical systems. To avoid the conveyer system, Mark III’s virtual construction team BIM modeled all duct and sent it to our Manufacturing Facility for prefabrication.


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