Location: Sacramento, CA

Contractor: Ceratizit LLC

Trades: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Process Piping, Underground Utilities

Contract Value: $1.5 Million


Mark III utilized all MEP trades for the buildout of a new 2,600 SF structural steel-building for the client’s new oil-filtration system. The electrical scope included feeders to all new equipment, lighting, roll-up doors, and a chiller. The plumbing scope included new lines from filtration equipment to machines, 6″ of steel pipe for chiller return and supply lines, the installation of 10″ clean-oil steel pipe and the installation of 16″ sch PVC dirty-oil 40 pipe. The underground scope included cutting and relocating an existing 8″ water line that looped around the building, digging a 12′ x 26′ x 10′ hole for a new utility trench, and digging a 4′ x 96′ x 6′ hole for all piping to machines. Our fabrication team fabricated steel chiller supports and all structural steel for the building.

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