A Look Inside the 21st Annual LCI Congress

Posted on October 31, 2019 •

Lean Construction Institute Congress 2019: Trip Highlights & Takeaways

Mark III had a great time at the 21st Annual LCI Congress in Forth Worth, TX.

This year, we were honored to have the opportunity to present on Project Mountain at the event! Our team took the stage Thursday morning to discuss how Mark III is transforming the way medical organizations approach projects. Speakers included Dan Carlton, Mark III President; Makayla Oei, Mark III Project Executive; and James Pease, Executive Director – Design and Construction at UCSF Medical Center. Also in attendance from the Mark III team were Justin Tucker, VDC Division Manager, and Kevin Hedman, Special Projects Manager.

Here is the session summary from the event program: Sutter Health and Mark III Construction, Inc. partnered to develop a Kit of Parts for the build-out of outpatient medical clinics. In order to be able to create the kits, Sutter created a standard set of rooms. Mark III created a Kit of Parts and experimented with multiple fabrication and installation techniques, recording opportunities for improvement at each stage. This research and development is now being used to design and build the next outpatient clinic with goals of building faster, cheaper, safer, and with equal or higher quality.

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lci congress

Makayla Oei

Trip Highlights: Makayla Oei

What was the highlight of attending LCI Congress 2019?

“The opportunity to speak and share our Project Mountain efforts. But even more so, the Q&A session that followed our presentation. The audience engagement and inquisitiveness was really gratifying. There were questions from owners, architects, engineers, lean black belts, even a gentleman with the US Dept of State Bureau of Overseas Building Operations wanted to learn even more. It was awesome!”

What was your favorite breakout session?

“My favorite breakout session was titled Be the choice, not an option: Engaging your craft workforce. It was a really inspirational hour. The topic at hand was culture and how it drives a project. The GC representative expressed that to him culture is 2nd most important aspect of a project. Safety 1st, Culture 2nd. I couldn’t agree more. They shared how they foster a culture of engagement, fun, and pride. To get their trade partner teams bought in, they brought the owner’s rep in to meet the team. They had the owner communicate how important this project was and what the building meant to them as the owners. This created an environment of respect and gave the team a purpose and sense of pride. For me, finding ways to get a team firing on all cylinders is paramount. I loved this topic and the presenters knocked it out of the park.”

What is some advice you’d give to those planning to attend LCI Congress 2020?

“Don’t be afraid to speak up! Ask questions, share stories… Everyone that attends LCI is looking to improve their processes and procedures. Continuous improvement is one of the pillars of the LCI structure. I think one of the best ways we can learn and improve is from each other and each other’s experiences. No matter if it’s a win or a loss, there’s always a takeaway.”

Trip Highlights: Dan Carlton

lci congress

Dan Carlton

What was the highlight of LCI Congress 2019?

“My highlight from LCI Congress was our presentation on our new delivery method for medical projects and how we have partnered with Sutter Health to change the way projects are delivered; Better, Faster, and Cheaper!  It was also great to see our very own Makayla Oei present in front of the LCI Congress and do an amazing job of presenting our findings and answering questions on the project.”

Trip Highlights: Justin Tucker

lci congress

Justin Tucker

What was your favorite breakout session?

“My favorite breakout session of the week was Can we afford to give Foremen iPads & Paper Prints? The presenters, from an East Coast Electrical Contractor, Lighthouse Electric, did a great job explaining how they have been successful in the field by eliminating hard copy plans and only using iPads for plan review and document control.”

What is some advice you’d give to those planning to attend LCI Congress 2020?

“Ask questions, keep an open mind, and mingle. There are a lot of great contractors, owners, and A/E’s that attend the conference. It is great to hear different perspectives from owner’s and A/E’s and hear what other contractors are doing across the nation.”

Trip Highlights: Kevin Hedman

lci congress

Kevin Hedman

What was the highlight of LCI Congress 2019?

“The Mark III presentation was awesome. They rocked it and had a lot of questions and positive responses. The keynote speaker Greg McKeown was also very good. He spoke about understanding what is “essential.” Focusing on that helps push past what waste is in the way to achieve your goal.”

What is some advice you’d give to those planning to attend LCI Congress 2020?

“Get the app! It helps with your scheduling and lets you connect with other people by scanning their QR code, has a map of the facility, allows you to rate the presentations, and other features.”

You can find the app on iTunes and Apple Play Music!

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