Village Park

Location: Fair Oaks, CA

Contractor: Bobo Construction

Trades: Mechanical, Plumbing

Value: $825 K


Mark III performed the mechanical and plumbing scope for a project at Village Park in Fair Oaks, CA. The existing building community clubhouse was remodeled and enhanced to include a lobby, dressing rooms, recreation rooms, an enclosed backbox theater, new restrooms, and an outdoor raised stage facing Plaza Park – all with updated ADA accommodations. There was also historical theater organ inside of the clubhouse that was be protected during its renovation. The remodel also updated the exterior of the clubhouse to bring it in line with current village aesthetics.

The mechanical scope included all duct for the new addition while the plumbing scope consists of the underground and overhead drain, waste, and vent; domestic cold and hot water; and gas piping. Additionally, Mark III’s VDC department modeled all mechanical and plumbing systems that were prefabricated by Mark III’s manufacturing facility. In addition, the manufacturing facility kitted condensate piping, hangers, and in-wall piping for the community center.

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