Location: Folsom, CA

Contractor: Streamline Construction

Trades: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Contract Value: $855  K


Mark III performed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services for a hospital pharmacy in Folsom, CA. The mechanical scope included the installation of an air handler, chiller, exhaust fan, venturi valves, stainless steel prep sink with eye wash including all associated hydronic, plumbing piping, and electrical connections including VFD’s. All associated ductwork, hydronic and plumbing piping was either prefabricated or kitted by our MEP Manufacturing Facility. The electrical scope included the remodel of an existing pharmacy area including, new lighting and outlets, new ATS and panelboard, in addition to connections for the new HVAC equipment.

This portion of the project was challenging due to the facilities proximity to a 300+ year old tree. In order to ensure that the tree was protected, Mark III hared a heavy machinery company to manually move the 6,000 lb chiller and air handler to the equipment pad. The placement was successful and went according to plan.

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