IRS Compliance Building – Tenant Improvement

Location: Fresno, CA

Contractor: MAKK Construction

Trades: Electrical

Contract Value: $1.2  million


This project is an interior improvement project which consists of demolition and minor mechanical, electrical, and plumbing improvements to an existing 190,500 SF 6-Story building. Scheduling and phasing for the project were extremely challenging due to completing the work with a fully occupied and operational tenant with nearly all work taking place during off hours. In addition to the electrical improvements, Mark III installed a fully Title 24 compliant lighting retrofit system throughout the interior space to over 1,850 lights. We worked with the General Contractor, CALCTP AP Certifier, and V-Con Team to include use of wireless technology to control lighting on an existing hard wired solution to minimize disruption and down time during construction.

Image Source: Harper Construction

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