Location: Sunnyvale, CA

General Contractor: Hensel Phelps

Trades: Mechanical, Plumbing, Process Piping

Contract Value: $5.2 million


Mark III’s scope of work includes the mechanical, plumbing, and process piping for the cleanroom remodel and upgrade. The project consisted of (2) office areas, meetings rooms, and a mechanical room as well as modifications inside of a nine-story tall clean room where portions of a space telescope satellite were built. To meet the unique needs of this project, Mark III’s virtual design team coordinated with the electrical and fire sprinkler contractors during the modeling process for our HVAC and plumbing work. HVAC and plumbing shop drawings were dispatched to Mark III’s MEP manufacturing facility for production.

The plumbing scope included the demolition and replacement of the existing plumbing systems. The bathroom was remodeled and upgraded to bring all piping systems to current code compliance. Mark III’s plumbing/piping team also installed a new hydronics system, including chilled water, steam, and hot water, with all associated tie-ins. They also piped gaseous nitrogen and helium hydride services to new equipment. The HVAC scope included the installation of over 40,000 lbs of new equipment on the third floor, two 12,000 lb cooling coils on the sixth floor and the installation of a 100′ x 50′ Hepa filter wall, consisting of over 1,000 filters.

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