Healthcare Construction Revolutionized

Mark III's methods of standardization and productization are revolutionizing the way healthcare projects are delivered.

Case Study: Standardize. Design. Manufacture.

In partnership with a forward-thinking major Northern California healthcare provider Mark III completed construction of a two-story medical office building (MOB) utilizing manufacturing, standardization, and componentized building. All interior wall panels, including in-wall MEP’s, were manufactured off-site and delivered for installation.

To learn more about the findings collected from the project, download our full case study.



Project Mountain 2 (PM2) is transforming the way medical organizations approach projects. We have discarded the outdated design and construction model. The PM2 system breaks innovative ground, leaning into virtual technology, standardization, and manufacturing.

To learn more about the findings collected from PM2, download our full case study.



Project Mountain 1 (PM1) delivered one of the most inefficient and complex systems to build, the hospital corridor, two ways – the old way, stick-build, and the new way, through standardized repeatable units. The first method, “stick-build,” utilized skilled craft labor to install each system individually. The second method, also known as “Project Mountain,” utilized preconstruction, fabrication, kitting, modeling, and detailing to install the kitted wall-system and multi-trade racking assembly.

Partner with Us

As the innovation epicenter of Mark III Construction, our Project Mountain series has developed a breakthrough method to plan, design, and build projects. By rethinking how we deliver complex projects, we are leading the evolution of construction. We are a team of dedicated disruptors. Exposing the world to a new, more efficient and effective way to build is our vision and our passion. We seek like-minded owners and general contractors to partner with us on our mission to lead the evolution of construction.

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