5 Warning Signs It Is Time To Call Your Plumbing Contractor

Posted on April 27, 2022 •

Leaking faucets, gurgling toilets, or water pooling in sinks may be small issues at first and can be easily overlooked. Especially in a commercial office environment where kitchens and bathrooms are used by many employees who may not feel responsible to look after these common areas. Neglecting a leaking tap or slow drainage in a bathroom for weeks, for example, can escalate into a costly problem. Trying to fix it yourself might exacerbate the issue.

Common Warning Signs Your Plumbing Systems Need Attention

Here are five warning signs that signal it is time to call your plumbing contractor.

  1. Draining issues at your sinks or toilets
  2. Pooling water or leaking
  3. Clogged toilet
  4. Water discoloration
  5. Unusually high utility bill

Draining Issues at Your Sinks or Toilets

Slow drainage and/or pooling of water in the sink or toilets are usually the first signs that something is clogging up your drainage system. It can be anything from food waste, roots that grow inside the pipes, or even small rodents. The only way to find out the root cause of the blocked plumbing is to get a plumber to examine the piping system with a special camera and tool called ‘drain snake’, which is a slender, flexible auger that is inserted into the drainage system to dislodge and remove clogs from the pipes.

Pooling Water or Leaking

Visible leaks of your faucets are another warning sign to call professional help. Faucets start leaking when the washer or gasket are worn out, the O ring is loose or there is corrosion in the valve seat. Stop wasting water by calling your plumbing contractor straight away. They can easily fix this issue without creating damage to your bathroom or kitchen fixtures.

Clogged Toilet

There are several reasons why toilets can clog. Low flush toilets, for example, are great to reduce water usage, but have too little power to push waste into the drainage system. The age of your drainage system can also cause problems. Especially when wipes, hair, or foreign objects are flushed down the toilet.

Hard water in some US states can harm your pipes as well. When hard water calcifies, it forms a white substance that is difficult to remove from your toilets. It also narrows the space inside the pipes that water and waste can pass through. The harder the water, the more minerals will accumulate in your plumbing system, which can lead to clogged toilets.

Another cause for blockages can be the S Trap, which is an S-shaped pipe behind your toilet to prevent sewer gases from entering your bathrooms through the toilet drain.

If sewer line issues are not treated, pipes can collapse and sediment backwash occurs.

Slow drains in multiple toilets or other drains in your office building are further warning signs that the problem may be bigger.

 Water Discoloration

If your water turns red, green, or yellow, it is definitely time to call your plumbing contractor. Water discoloration can be caused when the protective layer of the pipes wears off and the iron or steel underneath gets exposed to water and rusts. Another reason for colored water are algae or copper pipes, which turn the water green. Yellow water points to repairs on a water main or a nearby fire hydrant that is not working properly. In this case, you need to contact your local water distribution center.

Unusually High Utility Bills

Lastly, if you watch your water bills increase steadily over an extended period of time, make sure you have your plumbing contractor check all your drainage systems for any irregularities.

Experiencing Any Of The Above Issues?

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