Location: Hayward, CA

Contractor: Alston Construction

Trades: Plumbing, Mechanical, Process Piping, Specialty Metals

Contract Value: $724 K

Project Completion: November 2019

The plumbing scope of this project included the installation of a domestic cold water main, sanitary sewer main, and roof drains. The HVAC scope included the installation of exhaust fans and miscellaneous ductwork. Mark III was awarded the plumbing and HVAC tenant improvement scope. HVAC TI scope included bringing (8) gas-fired infrared tube heaters to the bus service bays, (10) exhaust reels with associated controls, carbon monoxide detection systems, (4) gas-fired roof top units, mini-split system for IT room and all ductwork, and finish accessories. Plumbing TI scope included all fixtures for (2) large restrooms, (2) trucker restrooms, a break room, and a janitor’s closet. The scope also included the installation of a sand-oil interceptor, adding airlines, emergency eye-washes, hose bibs, and a custom dump station for wastewater discharge from plumbing systems on motor homes and buses. The HVAC TI scope was fully BIM modeled; prefabbed and kitted duct, plenum, supports, curb flashings, and pitch pockets. The team also utilized prefabrication for plumbing systems.

Image Source: Canva Stock Photo