Employee Spotlight: Jenn Layton

Posted on November 14, 2019 •

Spotlight on Jenn

Congratulations to Jenn Layton, Mark III training manager for earning the November 2019 Employee Spotlight!

Jared Burdick, VP of operations says, “Jenn is one of our best here at Mark III. Over the years I have watched her grow and tackle new challenges. Her commitment to the team and dedication to establishing the training criteria for the company has impressed me the most. The foreman and project manager training would not be what it is today without Jenn. She knows how to utilize her skills as well as communicates great with others to gather the necessary technical knowledge on every subject to make the classes informative and fun. Thank you Jenn for everything you do here at Mark III.”

Jenn recently earned her SPHR certification and plans to bring that knowledge to building Mark III’s human resources processes and talent development programs in 2020 and beyond.


What is your favorite Mark III core value (teamwork, innovation, integrity, work-hard-play-hard, transparency), and why?

My favorite core value is teamwork. Throughout my life, I’ve been a part of many different teams across school, sports, and work. I am consistently impressed with the incredible outcomes a team can produce. A balanced team fosters innovation, continuously builds deeper bonds amongst each other, and has diversity, passion for the topic, and a safe and comfortable place to discuss ideas. I lead Mark III’s Roles & Responsibilities team to develop standardized processes throughout the company utilizing lean methodology and am also a part of our Document Control team. I am lucky to have the opportunity to also work alongside many other teams when I develop training, offer support, and work on solutions.

How do our core values play into your everyday role & responsibilities?

It takes more than believing in the power of teamwork or innovation to truly drive change. I know that my actions and words need to align with the team’s core values as well. To do this, I continuously work on developing relationships with employees and care about them personally and professionally which turns into trust and, in turn, builds a strong team. I also think core values can be represented differently throughout the organization. The way I might be innovative while developing training is probably different than the way our field team embodies innovation. For example I might express innovation through creating a fun/engaging competition for learners while our field team might be innovative through utilizing new/more efficient tools. I am lucky to be able to work with every trade and every position to support the growth of the employee and the organization and I know I couldn’t do it so successfully without representing Mark III’s core values.

How has Mark III helped you in your career development?

Mark III has provided me with an extended runway towards my career aspirations. I started at Mark III five years ago with the intent to recruit but joining the team offered me the best professional development opportunity imaginable. With a lot of hard work and support from leadership, I’ve been a part of leading change, developing training programs, and investing in employees. I’ve always pushed myself for continuous improvement and Mark III has helped me get my Human Resource Management certification through UC Davis Continuing Education and SPHR, both resources that I utilize everyday.

 What is your proudest moment at Mark III?

At the end of 2017, Mark III rolled out its mission, vision, and core values. To promote the core values, the Culture Club asks employees to nominate other individuals who they feel represent a core value. My proudest moment at Mark III (so far) was in the beginning of 2018, when I received the Core Value Award for teamwork. It was exciting to be recognized, but I was even more excited about who I was recognized by. Danny O’Brien, a field foreman, nominated me for Teamwork, stating that I was always willing to help the team whether it be office or field. Every employee contributes to the success of a company. If there is a way for me to bridge the gap, lend a helping hand, or provide solutions, then I know I’ve helped take the team one step closer to our vision.



Mark III appreciates all your hard work, Jenn!

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