Employee Spotlight: Ian Leslie

Posted on February 12, 2020 •

Spotlight on Ian

Congratulations to Ian Leslie, service business development manager, for earning the February 2020 Employee Spotlight!

Tristan Hankla, Fresno division manager, says, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian for nearly 5 years now. He has worked in multiple capacities for the Fresno office and most recently promoted to service business development manager for the company. He thrives in his current role, bringing the Mark III Service team to new heights which is refreshing to witness. Continually moving from the North to South of our great state to meet client’s needs, there is never a project too large or complex while utilizing the Mark III team. He is a bright, adaptable, and hard-working team member who continually crafts innovative ways to reach new markets.

I have been most impressed with his recent traction on the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging market. He completed extensive research and found a sustainable market outside of what would be considered our typical service client. This idea, along with a multitude of others, is how Ian will continue leading the evolution of construction at Mark III. Thank you for all you do to make us successful!”


What is your favorite Mark III core value (teamwork, innovation, integrity, work-hard-play-hard, transparency), and how does it play a role in your everyday role & responsibilities?

Of all of our core values, I feel like teamwork and innovation resonate the most with me. As part of the service team, I get to work across all our trades and with our construction teams. We have to be ready to help out in whatever capacity is needed for the betterment of the company and our clients, which often means partnering with others within our company to get a job done whether it’s with the mechanical team providing support or in the manufacturing facility helping to produce a piece of miscellaneous metal for our clients. For innovation, I feel so lucky and blessed to work at a company that prides itself on finding better and faster ways to build in an industry that has been stagnant for so long. Every chance I get, I try and work with Joe in our shop to come up with a way to prefab or set up a service project with a new way to provide service to our clients. To be truly innovative is very elusive and I’d say I’ve yet to find a way to truly innovate a process or way we build, but this one core value definitely drives my actions and the way I think about service projects.

How has Mark III helped you in your career development?

I have been given many opportunities that I am so grateful for and I have been blessed to work with Tristan in our Fresno office. When I started with Mark III, I had been a PM for 10 years and was given the chance to help start our Mechanical Division. Although it was difficult, it was also rewarding working with a team that doesn’t know how to quit. Dan and Tristan gave me the opportunity to manage the Fresno Mechanical Division which helped me grow tremendously. Instead of viewing the company from a project by project basis, I began to see the company on a more global outlook. Then last year, Dan gave me an opportunity to change roles to the service team doing business development and I have to say, I have never felt more at home in my career. The fact that our company looks to put the right person in the right role for both the company’s benefit and the individual’s says a lot about our ownership and the leadership they provide.

What is your proudest moment at Mark III?

Over the past 4 years, there are many things that I have been proud of and teams that I was proud to be a part of, but this past year has been the most rewarding for me. Being a part of the service team and working with Andy to grow the Service Division has been a very proud moment of time for me personally. I look forward to many more years to come with Mark III and I am very proud and thankful to be a part of the Mark III team!


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