Employee Spotlight: Bobby Thomas

Spotlight on Bobby Congratulations to Bobby Thomas, HVAC special projects foreman, for earning the November 2022 Employee Spotlight. Tommy Jojola, HVAC service foreman, says, “One of my best decisions was trusting Bobby to lead our special projects in the field, he has been great with customers and has the patience to see these projects through […]

Employee Spotlight: Justin Tozzi

Spotlight on Justin Congratulations to Justin Tozzi, plumbing and piping trade specialist, for earning the October 2022 Employee Spotlight. Justin Tucker, VDC division manager, says, “Tozzi truly embodies our core value of Work Hard, Play Hard. When he isn’t in the office managing a team of modelers or grinding through hundreds of pages of drawings, […]

Employee Spotlight: Lenny Petersen Jr.

Spotlight on Lenny  Congratulations to Lenny Petersen Jr., journeyman electrician, for earning the September 2022 Employee Spotlight. Scott Welch, electrical superintendent, says, “Lenny has been a huge asset to our project in the Bay Area. I would have to nominate him for teamwork and transparency. Lenny has managed to keep the customer happy through a […]

Employee Spotlight: Lue Vang

Spotlight on Lue Congratulations to Lue Vang, sheet metal shop lead, for earning the August 2022 Employee Spotlight. Caleb Rugg, manufacturing manager, says, “Lue is my Swiss Army knife. There isn’t anything I throw at him that he can’t build and there are no challenges he’s afraid to take on. He’s extremely hard-working, always has […]

Employee Spotlight: Roger Emigh

Spotlight on Roger Congratulations to Roger Emigh, project engineer, for earning the July 2022 Employee Spotlight. Jared Burdick, vice president of construction, says, “Roger has been a versatile teammate willing to help in any way possible. Roger has stepped up as a project engineer. He is always willing to ask questions, and always willing to […]

Employee Spotlight: Tommy Sheffield

Spotlight on Tommy Congratulations to Tommy Sheffield, underground field engineer, for earning the June 2022 Employee Spotlight. Gabe Deurloo, underground division manager, says, “Tommy’s just one of those guys everyone enjoys working with. He didn’t come in with a ton of experience, yet his drive and character allowed him to make an immediate contribution to […]