Our Mountain

Our mountain project represents one of many challenges ahead of Mark III as we push the limits and lead the evolution of construction. Our mountain is less about any specific project and more about getting a group of people together in the same room that share a common vision of exposing the world to a new way of building and testing ideas that will eventually transform our industry. Project Mountain was conceptualized to identify where waste is most prominent in our projects and processes and then analyze those findings and take corrective action. Our Project Mountain is not-for-profit and monetary return has been eliminated as measurable. The ultimate path up our mountain will be used by Mark III and many others to increase profits and build certainty into projects but we cannot let either of these get in the way or be confused with our goals for summiting our mountain. Finally and most importantly, technology will conquer the mountain but there is no software platform or technology in the world that will transform this industry, our people will transform this industry. The software or other technologies will ultimately be built around and support our approach and will help the other followers safely climb the mountain in the future and reduce their chance of getting lost or off the trail.